Jessica Blaustein

Jessica Blaustein is a professional belly dancer and actress. She is based in Chapel Hill, NC, and is available for local and international projects.


Born in Sulphur Springs, TN, Jessica began acting at age 7. She began belly dancing in 1998 with Radia in Zoutermeer, Netherlands, and started her professional belly dancing career in 2002. She is the founder of one of Canada’s leading belly dance academies. 

Jessica has performed at venues in Canada, USA and Turkey. She's been featured in corporate events for Pepsi and Doc Martens, and held workshops in many countries including Mexico, Belgium and Japan. 

She is known for her role as Aphrodite in the film “The Nativity of Hermaphroditus,” four characters in "Blackest Darkness"; winning Ms. Belly Dance USA in 2003, eleven instructional DVDs, and producing theatrical events such as Duke University Health System's "Night of Duke Stars" and music videos for The Hourglass Effect band. 





photo by Anke Sturhahn-Humphreys