We welcome students of ALL ages and fitness levels! Our group classes are for ages 14 and up. Private lessons are available for all ages. 

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If your availability aligns with our class schedule, opt for group classes—they're perfect for learning the curriculum, breaking a sweat, and having fun with a welcoming group. You can join in our ongoing classes. Classes are ongoing,  currently we are encouraging new students to join in these ongoing classes. You'll catch up with the moves and choreography after about a month. We also encourage you to use our beginner videos to catch-up more rapidly. 

If you're a new dancer who is hesitant about dancing with other people or a more experienced student keen on honing specific techniques and choreography, private lessons are the way to go.  

 Many students attend both group and private lessons. All classes are in-person, but online lessons are also available.  

Pack a yoga mat and water. Slip into comfy attire— think yoga pants and a t-shirt for unrestricted movement. We recommend ballet slippers or jazz/zumba sneakers. If you've got a hip scarf and dance veil, toss those in too. Don't own a hip scarf? No worries, we sell them at the studio, and we can point you in the right direction to purchase dance veils. 

Jessica has over 25 years experience in bellydance. She is the founder of a major bellydance academy in Canada, has performed and taught internationally, and won first place in the Ms. Bellydance USA competition. Her classes are a refreshing balance of fun, fitness, and serious dance training. You can see her teaching style and get a preview of her teaching style on her youtube channel.


We are located at 1201 Raleigh Road In Chapel Hill. It can be tricky to find us, please note we are in the back of the Family Fare building, next to Glen Lennox. If you drive all the way behind the Family Fare gas station, you will see our building, the Hayes Building,  Park in this lot.  We share the building with Bread and Butter printing. We are on the second floor, suite 205.   

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