Group and Private Bellydance Lessons

About Group Lessons 

Welcome to group classes!  Beginners are welcome to join in our ongoing classes. 

Group lessons are fun and welcoming while training at a level that assumes you're here to work towards mastery of the art form.

Classes are 55 minutes. 

What happens if you miss a class? Missed classes can be made up by coming to another group class or missed class or exchanged for a private 15-minute lesson within one month of the missed class. No refunds.

What do you bring and wear? Bring water, a yoga mat, and wear comfortable attire you can move in such as yoga pants and a t-shirt. Shoes are optional. Ballet slippers or jazz sneakers are recommended.

New to Bellydance? Go ahead and join in the classes. After about a month of classes you'll get up caught technique. It also helps if you practice on your own our beginner bellydance videos to get aquainted with beginner technique.

Ongoing Schedule

To register, subscribe below to group classes. Jessica will contact you to confirm the day and time of your chosen class.  

Ongoing GROUP Schedule

Subscribe to Group Classes

I will email you after receiving your payment to confirm the class day and time you would like to join.

Private Bellydance  Lessons

Private Bellydance Lessons are the perfect way to get started at your own pace or to quickly advance in specific areas. Private lessons are taught in person and are 55 minutes each. Contact Jessica to sign up. No refunds.

about training with Jessica

Experience the magic of belly dance in person with Jessica Blaustein's captivating and empowering classes. As a dedicated belly dance instructor, Jessica's classes have received rave reviews from dancers of all levels.

Jessica's teaching style is praised for its clarity, attention to detail, and supportive atmosphere. Students appreciate her ability to break down complex movements and make them accessible to beginners while still challenging experienced dancers. Her classes are described as engaging, inspiring, and filled with positive energy.

Participants have shared how Jessica's classes have helped them improve their technique, build strength and flexibility, and boost their confidence. Many comment on her ability to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable to express themselves through dance.

From learning basic isolations and shimmies to mastering intricate choreography, Jessica's classes offer a well-rounded approach to belly dance. Students appreciate her emphasis on musicality, expression, and the cultural context of the dance form.

Whether you're looking to explore the foundations of belly dance or refine your existing skills, Jessica's classes provide a space for growth and artistic development. Students often mention the sense of community they feel in her classes, where they can connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for belly dance.

If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey and discover the joy of belly dance in a supportive and empowering environment, Jessica Blaustein's in-person classes are the perfect opportunity. Join her classes and let the magic of belly dance inspire you to unlock your full potential as a dancer.


Location and FAQ

We are located at 1201 Raleigh Road In Chapel Hill. It can be tricky to find us, please note we are in the back of the Family Fare building, next to Glen Lennox. If you drive all the way behind the Family Fare gas station, you will see our building, the Hayes Building,  Park in this lot.  We share the building with Bread and Butter printing. We are on the second floor, suite 205.   


Wear & Bring comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. Yoga clothes are usually a safe bet for your first class. Bring water, a yoga mat, and ballet slippers, half-sole dance shoes, or jazz sneakers. Please also bring a hipscarf, veil, and finger cymbals if you have them.